The Rousse Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Automobiles takes place annually in the second half of May. It started in 1999 as an independent manifestation of Nika Auto-Trade Company, a representative of the Vanto Trade Ltd Bulgaria – an importer of NEW HOLLAND agricultural machinery. Considering the positive impact of this event the organizers of the Agrarian - Iindustrial Faculty of Angel Kanchev University of Rousse, then called Mechanization of Agriculture invited in the next years the following companies: Rapid KB Ltd - the official representative and importer of CLAAS; Rimex Engineering Group Ltd – the official representative and importer of CASE; Farmer 2000 Ltd - the official representative and importer of MASSEY FERGUSON; Megatron Ltd - the official representative and importer of JOHN DEERE. The exhibition was only for agricultural machinery.
   In 2002 some more companies – not only importers and distributors of agricultural machinery from abroad, but also local manufacturers were invited to the exhibition. At the proposal of the Transport Faculty of Angel Kanchev University of Rousse importers of cars were invited, as well. Thus the exhibition has expanded and for the present moment it involves about 20 companies altogether. Over the years, organizers of the Agrarian - Industrial Faculty and the Transport Faculty have enhanced their advertising activities, and as a result has invited more companies whose field is agriculture. This step has been inspired by the fact that the only faculty providing training for engineers in agriculture is in Rousse University.
   In 2006 some more organizations joined the event as coordinators. These were the District of Rousse, the Municipality of Rousse, the Union of Scientists, the National Agricultural Advice Agency, the Technical Control Inspectorate, the National Center for Agrarian Studies, the Chamber of Commerce. The Rousse Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Automobiles was held under the auspices and with the participation of Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition achieved a great popularity and was visited by over 5 000 people, attended by 94 companies, research institutes and organizations. For the first time an exhibition catalog was issued.
   In the exhibition participated a lot of companies importers and distributors of agricultural equipment - Rapid KB Ltd; Vanto Trade Ltd Bulgaria, Megatron Ltd; Rimex Engineering Co. Ltd, 2000 Farmer Plc, Brie Varna Ltd; OPTIKOM Ltd, Co. partnership Stoichevi 57-65; Agromashinaimpex Sofia; Agromashina Sofia Ltd, Bultrex Ltd.; Shil etc. More Bulgarin companies, manufacturers of agricultural machines took part in the exhibition, as well. Some of them are: Sparki Group Plc, TISEM Plc, Ralomex Plc, Universal Ltd, Agrotechnics 97 Plc, Priaspa – Svetozar Kirov, Parvi Mai Plc, Remel Plc, Perla Plc, Agrotechtemont-61 Plc, Texel plc, Renom Plc, Maltehagro , Elitsa-R, Agromikron Plc, Almond, Metalagro Plc, Dinamika, Bulagro Plc, Hydrotechnic Plc, etc. Companies dealing with seed production and planting materials; companies trading nutrient solutions, fertilizers and other plant protection products. Company offering mobile, stationary, diagnostic, repairing, meliorative, cultivating and auxiliary equipment for horticulture, livestock and processing and manufacturing industries participated in the exhibition as well. Some of them are : Agronomist I Holding Ltd, Erato Plc, ICS, Alpha-mix Ltd, Primex Ltd, Akvastart Ltd, Bordzhini Ltd, SMZH-Filchev, ET Dimitar Bachvarov, Vanko 97 Ltd.; Hromservice Ltd - Ruse, ET Tediimpex, Class Ltd, VIP software, Letinski and others.
   For the first time in the exhibition 2006 participated research institutes, organizations, associations, the media: National Center for Agricultural Sciences; Institute of Melioration and Machinery - Sofia; Industrial cluster of Agricultural Machinery; Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers; Obraztsov Chiflik Institute of Agriculture; District Agricultural Advice Agency; Technical Control Inspection Agency; Center for Career Development; Center for Agricultural, Forestry Equipment and Spare parts Testing - Rousse, Regional Directorate for Livestock Selection and Reproduction – Rousse; Omega Ltd, Association of beekeepers; USIT Colours Bulgaria Ltd, Bulgaria Alliance, Delta Ltd and others. There were also stands of: Bread and Bakery products Rousse Ltd; Pa-Pa Oven - Rousse, Rousse Meat Factory, Bulgarski Hliab - Gabrovo Plc, Rousse Yeast Company etc. More than 50 types of taxidermy birds and animals were presented at the exhibition by the Nature Collection of the Regional Historical Museum. Visitors to the exhibition got acquainted with the latest models of light, off-road vehicles of the famous brands - Ford, Volvo, Iveco, Toyota, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot, KiA, Seat, Skoda, VW, Audi, Dacia, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mudan, Wuling etc. Stands were provided by various departments and faculties of the university. There were many events accompanying the exhibition like meetings, discussions, debates, presentations, competitions, concerts and other programs.
   In 2007 the exhibition reached a peak. It was attended by 152 companies from all over the country and it was visited by over 7000 people. For the first time companies from Romania, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia took part in it. Thus the exhibition gained new dimensions and obtained international popularity. It was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Svetla Bachvarova – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ms. Maria Dimova and Mr. Nasko Atanassov - the Governors of the districts of Rousse and Razgrad, Mr. Bozhidar Yotov – the Mayor of Rousse, Mr. Mihail Trushin - Consul General of Russia.
   The opening was also attended by a delegation of seven Romanian businessmen led by Mr. Martin Nikulcha - President of the Industrial Association of Alexandria Region; Mayors of Municipalities, Chairmen, Directors, Presidents of institutions, associations, organizations, companies and many others. There was a rich entertainment programme organized for the guests and participants of the exhibition with the participation of the pop singers - Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, Rousse brass band, dance groups from the Municipal Youth Centre of Rousse, Center for working with children in Rousse, Student Dance Ensemble. There were many meetings, discussions, seminars, round tables, presentations and many other activities with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, experts, representatives of leading companies, insurance companies, etc.
   The eleven Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Automobiles took place from 13 to 16 May 2009. It was opened by Minister’s, Deputy’s, District Governor, Mayor of Rousse and etc. There was an influential presence of company exhibitors from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and others
   The tenth Jubilee Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Automobiles took place from 14 to 17 May 2008. It was opened by Mr. Sergey Stanishev - Prime Minister of Bulgaria. With the help of district agricultural offices and other regional structures and organizations farmers, leaseholders, owners, and many other companies throughout the country were invited to the exhibition. Last year’s Jubilee Exhibition was also attended by many guests: Mr. Sergey Stanishev - Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Mrs. Emel Etem – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Emergency Situations, Mrs. Svetla Bachvarova - Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture and Food, District Governor of Rousse Region - Ms. Maria Dimova, The Mayor of Rousse - Mr. Bozhidar Yotov, MPs, mayors, directors of departments, institutes, organizations, etc.
   We are glad to meet you at the exhibition!
   We look forward to seeing you there!
Prof. DSc Hristo Beloev, MEng, PhD –
Rector Of Angel Kanchev Rousse University

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